Rules & Regulations

General Rules of Safety

  1. Confirm your Firearm is Safe and in Good Working Condition and is safe to used.

  2. No one under the age of Sixteen (16) years old shall shoot or handle a gun without adult supervision present!

  3. Gun Actions/Breaches will remain open always.

  4. Shooters must wear ear and eye protection.

  5. Do not load your firearm until you are in your shooting station.

  6. Re-open your action before leaving your shooting station.

  7.  Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

  8.  Always keep your gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot.

  9.  Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

  10. Always know your target and what is beyond that target.

  11. Upon the call “CEASE FIRE”, stop shooting and unload your firearm until you are instructed to resume shooting. Never go onto a field or change targets until all shooters have finished and the area is safe to proceed.

  12. Never handle any firearm or shoot under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  13. Failure to obey the rules in any area may result in the loss of your membership.

Trap & Skeet

  • Use target loads only with NO shot size larger than 7-1/2.

  • No slugs or sabots.

  • Shooters shall NOT leave their empty shell casings on the ground. Pick them up.

  • Upon the Call “CEASE FIRE”, stop shooting and unload your firearm until you are instructed to resume shooting. Never go onto a field or change targets until all shooters have finished and the area is safe to proceed.


Indoor Archery Range

  • Archery is shot indoors.

  • No shooting except at target butts.

  • All archers, who shoot indoors, are responsible for turning out lights when leaving the indoor range.

  • Broadheads will be shot only at designated targets in the practice field or outdoor range.

  • Archers shoot targets as they appear. They will not jump targets or start on last target and proceed backwards.

  • All archers are expected to practice good safety always.


Outdoor Archery Range

  • No shooting except at target butts.

  • Archers on outdoor range should not harass game in any way.

  • Broadheads will be shot only at designated targets in the practice field or outdoor range.

  • Archers shoot targets as they appear. They will not jump targets or start on last target and proceed backwards.

  • Please respect our outdoor range. Place any trash or refuse in proper containers.

  • No vehicles of any type on range.

  • All parking for outdoor range should be on stone lot in front of the main clubhouse.

  • All archers are expected to practice good safety always.

  • Special Notice: Members must bring/provide their own targets to shoot broadheads, and only at designated areas.


Fishing Pond 

  • No children are permitted around the fishpond unless a parent is present.

  • No fishing is permissible beyond the posted signs.

  • No live minnows are permitted.

  • No wading in the fishpond is permitted.

  • No boats are permitted in the fishpond.

  • Guests are permitted at the fish pond if accompanied by a member.

  • Membership badge must be worn while fishing.

  • A valid Pennsylvania Fishing License is required to fish in the pond.

  • All Trout and Largemouth Bass caught must be registered in the Log Book.

  • No swimming, ice skating, or ice fishing is permitted in/on the fishpond.


Indoor Rim-fire Range

  • The Pistol Captain and his designees have the right to inspect all firearms and ammunition to be used on the Range.

  • You must be 18 or older to use the Range.  An adult over 18 years old must accompany anyone under 18.

  • All shooters must sign in at the Range desk upon entering the Range.

  • No center-fire firearms allowed.

  • Firearms being carried to and from the firing line must be unloaded and carried in a safe manner, in a gun box or bag.

  • Consider every firearm loaded until you have opened the firearm and checked it yourself. Never trust your memory or another person’s word.

  • Shooters shall use an unloaded chamber indicator (weed wacker string, etc.) when going down range to retrieve/change targets.  Any firearm that is present on the range and not being actively fired will be empty, have its action or cylinder open, magazine removed, and empty chamber indicator inserted" followed by "any weapon that is being fired and is placed on the bench between firing strings will have its chamber or cylinder open and an empty chamber indicator in place.

  • Anytime more than one person is using the range one shooter must assume the duties of “Range Safety Officer”, duties shall include;

  • Call a cease fire if any unsafe conditions are observed.

  • Ensure ALL shooters & observers are wearing eye and hearing protection.

  • Ensure all weapons are unloaded (unloaded chamber indicators inserted) and benched. Ensure all shooters stay behind the black painted area on the floor.  Make the line “safe” for shooters to go downrange to retrieve/hang new targets.

  • Ensure shooters only use paper targets hung on clips provided.

  • No dry firing is permitted, except while on the firing line with the muzzle pointed down Range.

  • Never load a firearm until you are within the shooting booth, with the muzzle pointed down Range. Never point a firearm at anything you don’t intend to shoot.

  • Shoot only at your own target. Shooting at anything else (light baffles, target hangers etc.) will result in a disciplinary hearing before the Board and possible termination of membership.

  • In case of a misfire, keep the firearm pointed down Range for at least 30 seconds. After waiting, clear the firearm and check the barrel for obstructions.

  • Eye & ear protection will be worn by shooters & anyone observing in the Range.

  • Carelessness or thoughtlessness will not be tolerated. The strictest discipline must be observed in the Range to prevent accidents or injuries.

  • Shooters must sweep up their brass and put it in the white 5 gallon buckets provided when done shooting & the shooting line is safe and all weapons are boxed or cased.

  • No food or drinks allowed in the Range. No smoking.

  • A maximum of two individuals will be permitted per one shooting lane. Only one person is permitted to shoot at a time. The non-shooting individual must stay in the same area as the shooter.

  • No quick draw from holster. No kneeling down to shoot. No shooting from under the booth tray.


  • All safety rules are enforced and must be obeyed for the benefit of all. Violation of any of the rules may result in loss of Range use or termination of membership. If you are unsure about anything, ask the Range Officer.


Rifle and Pistol Range

  • Firearms must have actions open always, except when on firing line.

  • All shots fired from rifle range must be fired into ground bank provided directly behind target backstop.

  • No more than 5 rounds may be loaded into a weapon at a time.

  • Positively no shooting at anything except paper targets placed on target backstop boards.

  • All shooters should be aware of others waiting to shoot. The rifle range is available all year during daylight hours only, and is on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Firearm safety must be practiced always.

  • Failure to obey the rules on the rifle range may result in the loss of your membership.


  • Any member 18 years old or older may bring up to 2 guests to the club at a time. 

  • Guests are required to pay for any range fees, target purchases, and non-member round fees in areas that fees apply. 

  • Any member 18 years old or older may bring children (17 and under) an unlimited amount of times.

  • Members must sign their guest of any age into the guest sign in book and pick up a guest lanyard for their guest to wear before proceeding on club grounds.  If the range being used requires an additional sign in, the member must sign themselves and their guest into that range as well.

  • Fish Pond – members must remain present at all times with guests under the age of 13.

  • Archery – members must remain present at all times with guests under the age of 16.

  • ALL gun ranges – member must remain present and responsible for their guests’ usage of the firearms range throughout the visit at the club.

  • Non-member visits to the club are not considered under the guest policy and are not held to the 3 visit max rule while participating in events open to the public.  These events included but not limited to public tournaments, leagues, classes, and fundraisers held by the club.

  • Anyone wanting to bring more than 2 guests at one time to the club must request permission ahead of time by contacting that Range Captain of the area which they would like to use.

Code of Ethics

All members of the York Adams Game & Fish Association (YAGFA) will serve the sporting community, associated organizations of the Club(s), and individuals with respect and honesty.
Members will show respect for and obey all applicable laws, rules and regulations while on YAGAFA Property
YAGAFA will not compromise their principles for any reason or advantage.
Members will display respect for safety, integrity, fairness, and strive to be honest and trustworthy.
Members shall be bound by this Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct while representing York & Adams Game and Fish Association at an off-campus activity or event. Members shall also be bound by this document when using any form of social media including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
All members will welcome new members and patrons with an attitude of sportsmanship and friendship and will strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment, to avoid harm, and respect the privacy of others.
There shall be no tolerance for behavior, activities, or apparel promoting gangs or hate groups on the York Adams Game & Fish Association facility grounds.  This policy is applicable to all sponsored extracurricular activities, athletic and social events, competitions and trainings, transportation and other services, and buildings, grounds, and property associated with YAGAFA.
There shall be no tolerance for aggressive behavior or foul language being used in the presence of minors or used in an aggressive manner towards other members, patrons or guests.
Under all circumstances and conditions, members are expected to adhere to high standards of integrity.
Violation of this Code of Ethics, Club Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, or irresponsible behavior, destruction of YAGAFA property or actions that bring discredit upon YAGFA could result in disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the York Adams Game & Fish Association.

Code of Conduct

Guests are held to the same standards as any YAGAFA members. Members are required to be sure their guests follow all rules, regulations, and codes and are legally allowed to be in possession of and/or are mentally stable enough to be in possession of a firearm.  York Adams Game & Fish Association reserves the right to refuse/deny YAGAFA Members and guests or revoke YAGAFA Memberships for misuse of facility and/or violation of those items stated above that are in a direct violation of, by said guest(s). Revocations of membership does not result in a refund.
The safe handling of firearms and courtesy towards others is paramount.
Members will always uphold and adhere to the 4 Rules of Gun Safety: All guns are always treated as if they are loaded. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
Members will adhere to the rules and regulations of York Adams Game & Fish Association.
Each member is responsible for acquainting themselves with the location of all facility ranges and possible danger zones and will abide by any and all signs posted on and around the YAGAFA facility. Members must familiarize their guests with these locations. Do not wander from established range, parking, and road area.
Each range is to be used only for the purpose for which it is constructed, and all equipment must be approved prior to usage. All members shall treat the equipment and ranges with respect and report any and all equipment malfunctions and or maintenance needs to the responsible Captain, or Co-Captain.
All motor vehicles will be operated only on the facilities roads and shall be parked only in designated parking areas unless approved by the Board of Directors.
All members shall police their firing points and target areas and deposit trash in the trash barrels. Please leave the range in better condition than you found it.
There will be NO FIRING OF FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS or Tannerite and/or exploding targets on any range by ANYONE at any time unless directly approved by the YAGAFA Board of Directors without express written consent.
Tracer rounds or any type of incendiary ammunition is strictly prohibited at the York Adams Game & Fish Association ranges.
Any member who shall destroy or deface club property or who shall conduct himself in an improper manner while on club property may be expelled from the organization after a hearing conducted by the Board of Directors.
Any member so expelled from the organization shall be ineligible for membership for a period of three (3) years thereafter.