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Archery Ranges

Indoor Archery Range

Our indoor Archery Range can support up to 16 archers on the 20 and 30-yard lines.  No Broad-heads allowed. You must have a key to access the indoor archery range. Paper targets are available to purchase at the range on the wall.  The charge for certain targets is listed and money is to deposited into the target money box behind the shooting line on the shelf.  Deposit $2.00 per visit into the heat/lights box.  This box is with the target money box. The indoor archery range closed the first Thursday evening of every month from 5:30PM-9PM for our Member Meeting.  

Outdoor Archery Range

Our outdoor Archery Range consists of 5 targets in an open field and then a course with 28 numbered targets. You access the outdoor range by parking in the stone parking lot beside the main building and then cross over Country Club road and follow the path. Outdoor Archery Range cost is $2 for the practice range and $5 to shoot the field course.  Money is to be deposited into the locked box on the practice range. No broad heads allowed except in the designated area –– Members must provide their own targets to shoot broad-heads. 

*Crossbows are allowed However, you will need to bring your own targets as the new one we have you will not be able to retrieve your bolts.


*Dog training may be in process please be careful. We do not want any accidents with the dogs.

Want to get into a fantastic sport? Try Archery. All of us that regularly shoot are always more than willing to help anyone that walks through the door and wants to learn.

Please note that leagues, tournaments, matches, and meetings are scheduled frequently and members should check the the calendar to stay up to date on when facilities might be use.


Rules & Regulations
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